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Hyper-charged Hayabusa Hits Insane 436 km/h

Guy Martin Suzuki Hayabusa

Ex TT racer Guy Martin recently set an incredible speed record on the heavily improved Suzuki Hayabusa at a Straightliners event in Elvington runway, UK. The Brit set a speed of 436 kmph ! Anyone who has the courage (or insanity…) to ride a motorcycle that reaches one-third of the speed of sound deserves our […]

Review: Trip Recording and Sharing Apps

Trip Recording and Sharing Apps

We all love a good ride and we all like sharing the details of our rides. We share planned routes on group rides, we share our location in case of an emergency and we show off our rides on social media. Sometimes we simply record a route for our own purpose – for example to […]

Ultra Fast Charging: Fast Approaching?

Charging Station

100km of range in 7 minutes of charging In my previous post “Electric Motorcycles Are The Future, But Are We There Yet?” I raised the issues of battery capacity and charging times being two major reasons for the low uptake of electric motorcycles. This week the leading Israeli motorcycle magazine Fullgaz reports that the State […]