Ex TT racer Guy Martin recently set an incredible speed record on the heavily improved Suzuki Hayabusa at a Straightliners event in Elvington runway, UK. The Brit set a speed of 436 kmph !

Anyone who has the courage (or insanity…) to ride a motorcycle that reaches one-third of the speed of sound deserves our respect. But Martin, a racer, mechanic and TV presenter, has attempted and succeeded in breaking all kinds of weird speed records, ranging from sleds (134.3 km/h) to motorbikes and everything in between (see his website for details). His ambition is to go 300 mph on a motorcycle, (483 km/h).

The Suzuki Hayabusa was born to break high-speed records for production motorcycles, and specifically exceed 300 km/h. With a 1,299 cc engine and 173 bhp the Hayabusa reached this goal. The engine of the 2nd generation Hayabusa grew to 1,340 cc and 197 bhp.

The British Holeshot Racing workshop collaborated with Guy to achieve his record breaking ambition and modified a Hayabusa for him. They started with the engine and added a turbocharger that raised the power to no less than 841.5 bhp! An aerodynamic bodywork that really wraps around the rider was specially built, and the suspensions were upgraded with much stronger springs. Along with high octane racing fuel and durable tires – the speed monster was created.

Be safe. Enjoy the ride!