Photos: Jetpack Aviation

The Speeder

Australian innovator David Mayman is the founder and CEO of Jetpack Aviation. His company recently managed to raise US$2 million to build the world’s first flying motorcycle – the Speeder.

David is no stranger to aerial innovations. His company has already developed an actual Jetpack, which has FAA approval. Now they are working on developing the Speeder, a Star Wars style flying motorcycle, which according to them “represents the ultimate in personal transport”.

Photo: Jetpack Aviation

The Speeder is a fully stabilized VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) personal aircraft, capable of vertically taking off and landing anywhere, reaching an altitude of 15,000ft. Its seating position is very much like a motorcycle. A slow version will reach a speed of over 240km/h (150mph), and ultra-fast version may reach s speed of 640km/h (400mph)! Initially it will be propelled by jet turbines rather than electric propulsion, due to the limitations of energy density with lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries.

Unlike flying motorcycles developed by other companies, the Speeder has no open rotors system, which will make it both safer and easier to operate.

Prototype in 9-14 Months

Jetpack Aviation are planning both pilot-controlled and fully autonomous versions of the Speeder, which will be built for recreational use and military / EMS (Emergency Medical Services) use. According to the company, the military and EMS Speeder will save lives through rapid transportation of personnel or cargo in the event of an emergency or a disaster.

Photo: Jetpack Aviation

The US$2 million raised recently will be used to build the first prototype, which they aim to complete in 9-14 months. Building the Speeder for military use will cut months of red tape for regulatory approval.

So is this an aircraft or a flying motorcycle? We’ll let you make up your own mind. Either way we don’t think you need to start practicing a new leaning angle on Eddies Corner just yet.

Introducing The Speeder