Photo: Yuval Avrahami

Look out for motorcycles. They are on the road with you. Next to you, in front of you, behind you and on the road you are turning into. 

We, the riders, want to get to our destination safely. Just like you do. We are someone’s partner, husband or wife. We are brothers, sisters, parents and friends. We want to be safe on the road. The fact that we have fewer wheels on our vehicles should not make us invisible.

Look out for us when you change lanes and when you merge. When you pull out of your driveway and from a side street. When you take a corner and are too close to the opposite lane. Don’t tailgate us or follow us too closely. Let us lane filter – It is safer for us and quicker for you. And keep your eyes off your mobile phone!

We need to look out for many hazards on the roads, which do not bother car drivers. Slippery road markings, potholes, road plates, oil patches, wet roads, loose surface, gravel and grooves, to name a few. Our full focus and attention need to be 100% on the road all around us. Help us by not being a hazard for us.

When it comes to congestion and traffic motorcycles are not a problem. They are part of the solution. Motorcycles reduce traffic pressure and congestion. By being smaller they occupy a quarter or less of the space occupied by a car and can handle traffic density better. They take far less space to park and can use spaces not suitable for cars. They cause far less road wear, are more fuel efficient and have a much smaller environmental impact. The more motorcycles we have on our roads the less you will be sitting in your car.

The accidents statistics do not paint a pretty picture. Although in most states in Australia motorcycles are about 4% of registered vehicles, they account for about 15% of accidents (statistics vary by state) . Not all accidents involve other vehicles. But you can help us reduce the figure for the ones that do.

Have a look at these two brilliant videos: one video is for learner drivers in the UK, designed to improve motorcyclist awareness. The other is a safety video from the Canadian Police, containing a strong message.

What did you see? A video for learners drivers in the UK
Canadian Police safety message

So please, be “motorcycle aware” and look out for us.

Be safe. Enjoy the ride.