As I did not like the look of the stock clutch and brake levers of my MT-03 I decided to get shorty levers. I read some reviews and decided to order the MZS Shorty Levers from an eBay seller in the US. The price appeared reasonable (and more expensive than the cheap cheap Chinese models everyone warns about) and the product looked good.

It took 17 days to arrive and when it did I was pleasantly surprised.

MZS Shorty Levers, box
MZS Shorty Levers – the box

The box looked like a box of an upmarket product (think about the first time you opened an iPhone or Galaxy box…), far more fancy than I expected. Inside were the levers rested in a foam and a printed manual. The manual was basic (and in average English…) but was printed in colour on glossy paper (!). Very different to the 15th generation photocopy you get with some cheap Chinese products. The levers appeared to be well built, the adjustments appeared to be locking well into their slots.

Installation was a breeze. Before installing I watched some YouTube videos to ensure I know exactly what to do. After all, this is the brakes I was dealing with and I did not want to take any chance.

After installation I went for a test ride and I must say I’m happy. The levers definitely feel shorter than the stock (doh!) but it took no time at all to get used to. The ability to adjust the levers is great as I have fairly short fingers. The front brake responded as usual and with no lock ups. The clutch was just… well… clutch…

The Yammy with the MZS Shorty Levers

All in all I highly recommend to anyone who is looking into shorty levers.

Total cost, including shipping from the US and currency conversion fees: AU$113

Posted on on 2 Dec, 2018