Advanced Motorcycling Course at HART, ST Ives, NSW

Two weeks ago I took The Advanced I course – Handling Dynamics, at Honda HART in St Ives. Two weeks passed and it was time for Advanced II, which focuses on road circuit skills.

The course runs on HART’s private road circuit in St Ives, surrounded by the Garigal National Park. It is about 2.5km long and simulates a road with curves, hairpins, up/down hills, and nice twisties.

Advanced Riding II – Road Circuit

There were 8 of us doing the training and usually HART have 2 instructors for 8 riders. We were very lucky to have 4(!) instructors, which meant very close attention during the practices. It also gave us a great opportunity to get different input from very different experienced riders. As usual, the instructors were very good, very knowledgeable and very patient. The 8 riders were mostly experienced riders, with different levels of experience, riding different types of bikes.

The Advanced II course is aimed at experienced riders and is built on the advanced riding techniques learned during the Advanced I course. It is designed to improve riding skills which can be applied to everyday riding. (source: Honda HART)

Advanced Riding II – Road Circuit

We started the day with a brief of the course, safety check for the bikes and tyre pressure check. Then straight to the circuit, where we spent most of the day. During the morning session we covered posture, slow speed manoeuvring, quick stops and throttle control. After lunch (provided) we had plenty of time for cornering, corner braking, counter steering and body movement. There was plenty of practice time and all practices were closely observed by the instructors, who provided advice and corrections when needed.

The course runs for a full day and in my view is very good. I left the course feeling I had learnt a lot and got to practice a bit what I learnt. The skills learnt are important skills which every motorcycle rider must know. The government must encourage riders to take these advanced training courses and should subsidise them. It is in everyone’s interest to have better drivers and riders.

Advanced Riding II – Road Circuit

Now it’s time to go out there and practice some more…

My review of Advanced I – Handling Dynamics


Be safe. Enjoy the ride.