The three tyre manufacturers launched new road and track tyres. Michelin introduced 4 new tyres to their Power series, Metzeler launched new Racetec™ Slick racing tyres and Pirelli developed new tyres for the Ducati Superleggera V4.

Michelin Power Series

Michelin have completely revamped their Power range of tyres with 4 new models. The new tyres are designed for sporty road riders, road riders who participate in track days and pure track riders.

The Power series uses Michelin’s 2CT Dual-Compound technology. This dual-compound technology is designed for sporty riding and offers grip on both wet and dry surfaces, power around the curves and optimised service life. According to Michelin the tyre is resistant in the middle and tender on the edges, allowing it a maximum lean angle of 51.2°.

Power 5

Michelin Power 5

The new Power 5 is designed for sporty road riding and touring-sport. Michelin promises improved grip in all weather conditions, including wet roads, offering the 2CT and 2CT+ dual compound – harder in the center of the tyre and softer on the sides.

The Power 5 is available in 6 sizes: 120/70 ZR17 (front), 160/60 ZR17, 180/55 ZR17, 190/50 ZR17, 190/55 ZR17 and 200/55 ZR17 (rear).

Power GP

Michelin Power GP

The Power GP tyre is designed for road riders who participate in track days, and is set by Michelin as 50/50 in terms of its purpose. The Power GP also comes with the 2CT dual compound, however, there are fewer slots on the sides of the tyre than the Power 5. This allows for a larger contact area and better grip when the bike is leaning.

The Power GP is available in 4 sizes: 120/70 ZR17 (front), 180/55 ZR17, 190/50 ZR17 and 190/55 ZR17 (rear).

Power Cup 2

Michelin Power Cup 2

The Power Cup 2 is street legal sportbike tyre designed for 90% track use. It comes with the 2CT dual compound and according to Michelin “the low void ratios offer maximum slick zones for enhanced dry grip at all phases of lean angle”.

The Power Cup 2 is available in 4 sizes: 120/70 ZR17 (front), 180/55 ZR17, 190/55 ZR17 and 200/55 ZR17 (rear).

Power Slick 2

Michelin Power Slick 2

The Power Slick 2 is a pure track tyre – the new generation of Michelin slick tyres. The company claims this new tyre warms up quickly and does not require auxiliary heating accessories before riding. The Power Slick 2 – like the other tyres in the Power series – also comes in 2CT dual compound and is available in 3 sizes: 120/70 ZR17 (front), 190/55 ZR17 and 200/55 ZR17 (rear).

Metzeler Racetec™ TD Slick

Metzeler Racetec TD Slick

The German tyres manufacturer Metzeler, which is owned by Pirelli, developed the Racetec™ TD Slick: a tyre dedicated to racers and track day enthusiasts. 

The new Racetec™ TD Slick, which fits most sports bikes, is designed to be used immediately and allows instant working temperature. There is no need for auxiliary accessories such as tyre warmers, generators, etc.

In addition, the rear tire is symmetrical so it can be flipped between sessions on tracks that cause higher wear on one side of the tyre. Metzeler claims there is no need for a special brake adjustment, which is usually required with slicks. The company also claims the tyre is more durable than classic slicks tyres.

The Racetec™ TD Slick is available in 5 sizes: 120/70 ZR17 (front), 180/55 ZR17, 180/60 ZR17, 190/55 ZR17 and 200/55 ZR17 (rear).

Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP for the Ducati Superleggera V4

Diablo Supercorsa SP

It is not unusual for tyre manufacturers to work closely with superbikes and supercars manufacturers to develop special tyres for their “super machines”. They do this in order to produce tyres which can handle the superior capabilities of that motorcycle or vehicle. 

Ducati and Pirelli have a long history of working closely together on developing tyres for Ducati’s superbikes. In the case of the Superleggera V4 Pirelli re-engineered the Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres specifically for this super machine.

2020 Ducati Superleggera V4

The Superleggera V4 is Ducati’s most powerful and technologically advanced production bike. It needs a tyre which can handle the machine’s extraordinary performance and superior capabilities. So Pirelli engineers developed a special customized version of the Diablo Supercorsa SP to do just that.

The front tyre is made of a single compound which warms up rapidly. The rear tyre uses dual compound, a racing compound developed specially for the FIM Superbike World Championship. The tyre’s sidewalls have been redesigned and are slightly rounded. They bear the red Pirelli and Diablo logos.

The Diablo Supercorsa SP has a special rear size of 200/60 ZR17, unique to the Superleggera V4.