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Ride Vision Launches a Revolutionary Motorcycle Alert System

Ride Vision

The world’s first, all-encompassing, aftermarket alert system for motorcycles has been launched by Ride Vision. Ride Vision uses a combination of image-recognition and AI technologies to power its solution, which is the first of its kind. The company’s patented human-machine warning interface (HMI) and predictive vision algorithms will assist riders in making critical life-saving decisions […]

Ultra Fast Charging: Fast Approaching?

Charging Station

100km of range in 7 minutes of charging In my previous post “Electric Motorcycles Are The Future, But Are We There Yet?” I raised the issues of battery capacity and charging times being two major reasons for the low uptake of electric motorcycles. This week the leading Israeli motorcycle magazine Fullgaz reports that the State […]

Noise Cameras Are Being Trialled In Europe

Noise Camera

Photo: Two months ago the UK Department of Transport announced they will start a crackdown on loud vehicles which break noise limit regulations. They will be targeting these vehicles by trialling new noise detecting cameras, a pilot which will last 7 months. While the Brits are planning, the French have already started trialling. The […]