Two months ago the UK Department of Transport announced they will start a crackdown on loud vehicles which break noise limit regulations. They will be targeting these vehicles by trialling new noise detecting cameras, a pilot which will last 7 months.

While the Brits are planning, the French have already started trialling. The technology is now being tested in France and has reportedly caught hundreds of motorists on a popular road near Paris on its first Sunday trial.

The new technology uses multi-microphone sensors to measure sound levels of passing vehicles and activates the camera when those levels are above the legal limit. A number plate recognition system will be used to issue infringement notices.

It has not been reported what the noise level that activates the camera is. It will however be more accurate than the subjective method used until now: the cops’ ears.

Europe has strict environmental laws and regulations. This new technology is supposed to assist in the fight against vehicle noise pollution which is a problem is some areas. It is assumed motorbikes are some of these loud vehicles.

No plans to roll out this technology have been announced by any Australian state yet. But I have no doubt that once the regulators see the revenue potential of this technology it will be rolled out in Australia as well. This is despite the fact that the number of vehicles on our roads is a fraction of Europe’s and that vehicle noise pollution is largely not an issue here.

Watch this space, we will keep you updated.

Be safe. Enjoy the ride.